Sunday, October 13, 2013

Eminem - Survival

New single from Marshall Mathers LP 2.

Marshall Mathers LP 2 Official Tracklist

This is the official tracklist for Eminem's next album, Marshall Mathers LP 2 (MMLP2). Three big names featuring on the album tracklist are Rihanna, Skylar Grey and Rapper Kendrick Lamar. Its an surprise not to see 50Cent or Slaughter House on the track list. Eminem's next studio album is set to release on 5th November 2103.

Marshall Mathers lp 2 official tracklist

1. "Bad Guy"
2. "Parking Lot" (skit)
3. "Rhyme or Reason"
4. "So Much Better"
5. "Survival"
6. "Legacy"
7. "Asshole" feat. Skylar Grey
8. "Berzerk"
9. "Rap God"
10. "Brainless"
11. "Stronger Than I Was"
12. "Monster" feat. Rihanna
13. "So Far..."
14. "Love Game" feat. Kendrick Lamar
15. "Headlights" feat. Nate Ruess
16. "Evil Twin"

With Berzerk and Survival already getting a good response from the masses, Marshall Mathers LP 2 sounds promising.