Thursday, September 29, 2011

Drake Take Care Possible Tracklist

This is one of the possible Official tracklist for Drake's Take Care album. There are some big names who feature in Drake's Take care album which is scheduled to release on 24, October 2011. The featuring artists are Young Money boss Lil Wayne, Rick Ross and Justin Timberlake. The tracklist looks very promising and Drake wont disappoint you to the slightest when it comes to this new Take Care album. The confirmed songs are marked by a (*). Check it out.

take care tracklist
Take Care- Artwork

1. Shot For Me - Production Courtesy of 40
2. Headlines - Production Courtesy of 40 *
3. The Ride (ft. The Weeknd) - Production Courtesy of 40
4. Marvin's Room - Production Courtesy of 40 *
5. Club Paradise - Production Courtesy of 40
6. Her Regrets (Interlude performed by The Weeknd) - Co-Produced by The-Dream & 40
7. Her Regrets - Co-Produced by The-Dream & 40
8. All Kinds (ft. Justin Timberlake) - Production Courtesy of Timbaland
9. The Real Her (ft. Lil Wayne) - Production Courtesy of Streetrunner
10. Good Ones - Production Courtesy of Lex Luger
11. Sing For Me (Interlude) - Production Courtesy of Jamie xx
12. Free Spirit (ft. Rick Ross) - Production Courtesy of 40
13. Lord Knows - Production Courtesy of Just Blaze
14. Doing It Wrong (ft. Stevie Wonder) - Co-Produced by 40 & Quincy Jones
15. Never Enough (ft. The Weeknd) - Production Courtesy of 40
16. To My City - Production Courtesy of 9th Wonder
17. Take Care (ft. Nas, 8 Ball & MJG, J. Cole) - Production Courtesy of Hit-Boy
18. Yours Sincerely (Piano outro by Stevie Wonder featuring Drake) - Co-Produced by 40 & Stevie Wonder

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The new Drake Album

As most of you rap lovers know, Drake's new album is called Take Care. Its going to be one of the last big albums of 2011. You can find all the latest updates on Drake's new album here. Young Money's is putting all its money on Drake after Lil Wayne's not so sucessful Carter 4 album when it comes to the quality of tracks which were promised. Drake is all out to get to the top of the rap game. Check out all the related posts on this link:

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We can be sure that Drake will not disappoint us to the slightest when it comes to this album. Drake has given us some good and new music.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Drake Take Care Album Cover

The image below is the album cover of Drake's new album Take Care. It haas a lonely picture of Drake much similar to the thinking man. Most of the things around him are golden in color. This is pretty much an unusual album cover but this is the official one.

take care album cover

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Eminem No Love

The song "No Love" featuring Lil Wayne on Eminem's 2010 Recovery album was released on 5,October 2011. This was truly the dopest rap song you have ever herd. The song produced by Just Blaze reached the 23rd spot on Billboard With two of the greatest rappers Eminem and Lil Wayne showcasing their flow and speed, this song is a great song for those who have an urge to fight back bullies but are holding behind.

eminem no love

The video, which is little over 5 minutes has scenes of a boy being bullied by a bunch of older boys. This one is similar to what Eminem and Lil Wayne have faced in the past. Eminem in one of his interviews admitted that he was bullied very often in school primarily because of his color. Lil Wayne on the other hand has a better experience of being raped when he was just 11. Didn't we mention that rappers are fast at everything?

It is said that Eminem's verse disses Lil Wayne in the song No Love. There is no such line that goes against Lil Wayne but Eminem's verse stands like wall in front of Wayne's verse. Weezy Starts off slow and then pick sup a little pace. If you compare that to Shady's verse its like a race between a snail and a deer. May be that's the reason Lil Wayne fans find the verse a Little insulting.

You can watch the video here: (Worth 5 minutes)

Download No Love (feat. Lil Wayne) - Recovery (Deluxe Edition)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Drake Take care confirmed tracks

Drake has confirmed 3 tracks on his next album Take Care which is scheduled to release on the 24th of October 2011. This is one of the big albums of 2011. After Tha Carter 4 getting bad reviews even though it sold a lot of copies, Young Money is all set to get the label back on track with its big gun Drake. The three tracks that are confirmed are :

1.Shot for me.

2.Free Spirit featuring Rick Ross.

3.The Real Her featuring Lil Wayne.

This also confirms featuring artists Lil Wayne  and Rick Ross on the Take Care Album.

drake take care

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Eminem & Hailie

This a short list of a few classic Eminem songs which have Eminem's daughter Hailie Jade in it. This goes to all the fathers and their lovely daughters.

1. Mockingbird : This song is a legend by itself. Eminem whose real name is Marshall Mathers has dedicated this song entirely to his daughter Hailie Jade and his adopted daughter Alaina. A heart touching and timeless song from the Encore album. Eminem shows how much he loves his daughters.

2.When I'm Gone : The song from Eminem's Curtain Call hits album narrates an encounter with Hailie Jade and how Eminem is drifting away from his family because of the music industry. Eminem is seen juggling between fans and family. But it has a happy ending.

3.Beautiful : This song is one of the best song's in the Relapse album. A song which actually fits in Recovery. Just like the name of the song the track is really very Beautiful. Eminem mentions Hailie Jade at the end. This song is worth listening to a dozen or more times.

4.Hailie's Song: One of the few Eminem songs where Marshall Mathers is singing and not rapping. Eminem describes his life to be a very hard one and he says whenever he looks into Hailie's eyes his sorrow disappears. A unique song which is not heard by many.

5.My Dad's Gone Crazy: Here we have Hailie Jade singing herself on this track when she was just 6 years old. She tells us that Her dad's gone crazy and he needs to see a doctor. But in this song Eminem is still talking about homosexuals.

That's it for this list. Please tell us what you think about this list.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Casey Veggies – Sleeping In Class Tracklist

This is the Casey Veggies - Sleeping In Class Deluxe Edition Tracklist.

1. Forever
2. Ridin’ Roun Town
3. Hear Me Screamin’
4. Get Through f. Dom Kennedy
5. 30,000 f. Ro Ransom
6. Loved Then Alone
7. Go Ahead f. Mann
8. Time Flies f. Skye Townsend
9. Searching
10. DTA
11. Euphoria ll
12. And Ever
13. Ridin’ Roun Town (remix) f. C-San, Dom Kennedy & Kendrick Lamar
14. The Weight Of The World Theory
15. Can I Live f. Mac Miller
16. I Be Over $hit
17. Perfect

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Yelawolf Interview

Yelawolf Talks Music With Eminem, Getting Booed, Sell Out Skateboarders & more. Check out the video to know more.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dear Anne

For those of you who don't know, Dear Anne is a song by Lil Wayne which is also called Stan Part 2. This song was produced by Swiss Beatz and you can check out the Story Behind Dear Anne here. This song truly deserves to be on Tha Carter 4 album as the newest Lil Wayne album has a few unwanted tracks like How To Hate featuring T-Pain. Here Lil Wayne is not the rapper you know, he is Dwayne Carter. The way he describes his life is truly heart touching. Although it is no match to Stan by Eminem it has a whole different tone altogether.

dear anne

This is a must hear song and you can download it from here : Download: Lil Wayne - Dear Anne.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Drake - Take Care Tracklist


Ayo people! This is the tracklist for Young Money's star rapper Drake's new album "Take Care." Its got some awesome artists featuring on it and most of them highly unlikely.  Now this tracklist is leaked and its unofficial. The main artists featuring on this album are Rick Ross, Swizz Beatz, Bruno Mars, Kanye West, T.I , Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, T-Pain , Justin Bieber and not to forget Chris Brown and Rihanna on the same track! I really do not have much faith in this so called Leaked Tracklist as the first single "Headlines" is no where on this tracklist. If this tracklist is real then I am going to buy this album and listen to it till I die. An overstatement just like the tracklist.

drake headlines tracklist

1. Frolicking (Intro)
2. Jimmy Back feat. Meek Millz & Rick Ross
3. I Wanna Save You....(From You) feat. Trey Songz
4. My Eyebrows Say Yes, My Heart Says No feat. Swizz Beatz & Bruno Mars
5. Bar Mitzvah Money feat. Asher Roth
6. Peacock Feathers feat. Kanye West, T.I. & Lady Gaga
7. If I Were A Man feat. Nicki Minaj & Solange
8. Aub's Interlude
9. Mr Fancy Pants feat. T-Pain
10. Heart Throbbing feat. Lil Wayne
11. Fkin U Til I Cry feat. Justin Bieber
12. Signed, Sealed....Heartbroken feat. Trey Songz
13. Gallop To Me feat. Chris Brown & Rihanna
14. Let Me Fluff feat. The Eurythmics & DJ Khaled
15. Young Angel's Outro

Friday, September 2, 2011

Tha Carter 4

Lil Wayne's Fourth saga of tha Carter album is in stores and was leaked a few days before release. I have been getting a whole lot of requests from readers to write about Wayne's Tha Carter 4 album. So I am going to tell you if the Carter four album is worth buying or is it just a simply hyped up album.

the carter 4 review

Tha Carter 4 album was delayed more than once, we all know that. On asked, Lil Wayne told us that he wants to take his time and is all set to impress people. Be it ESPN or any other channel, Dwayne Carter has been promoting the album as if it was some new invention which would change the way we live. He has even dissed Jay-Z on his track  "Its Good" which was really bad.Confused? Lets get straight to the point. Lil Wayne has disappointed all his fans with the Carter 4 album. He released all the good tracks before hand and I guess that is what spoiled everything. Apart from "6 foot 7 foot" and "How To Love" no other song is worth hearing twice.

 There is also this horrible song "How To Hate" which features T-Pain. You better stay away from this song and don't say I didn't warn you. The Carter 4 deluxe edition featured an average song "Mirror" which features Bruno Mars. The chorus is worth hearing. This album wont be remembered like Tha Carter 3 album. I think the Sorry 4 The Wait Mixtape was even worth listening.

If you are thinking of buying tha Carter 4 album, go ahead do it! But I say you try downloading individual songs from I Tunes. Please leave a comment about this Carter 4 review.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Akon - Chammak Challo Download

akon chammak challo download

This is Akon's first Hindi song for the upcoming Bollywood Movie . The movie features Bollywoood super stars like Shahrukh khan and Kareena Kapoor.

Download: Akon - Chammak Challo

T-Pain ft. Akon & Busta Rhymes - Jungle Booty Download

Best Carter 4 Song

The Carter 4 album is out for sale and Lil Wayne has impressed us yet again with his lyrics in this album. Wayne has gone hard on artists like Jay-Z on his song "It's Good" with Jadakiss and Young Money rapper Drake on the track. Lil Wayne has also shown his soft side on the track "How to Love" where Weezy sings and it is also a tribute to a few women who he respects. Now not to forget th first single "6 foot 7 foot" featuring Cory Gunz which came out long ago and was produced by "A Mille" genius, Bangladesh.

So the question is which is the best? Well its hard to decide. This is what I feel should be the best song of Tha Carter 4 album and I have made a small list of the top 3 songs of Lil Wayne's Carter 4 album.

carter 4 best songs

1.How To Love.

2.6 Foot 7 Foot ft. Cory Gunz.

3.She Will ft. Drake.