Friday, September 23, 2011

Eminem No Love

The song "No Love" featuring Lil Wayne on Eminem's 2010 Recovery album was released on 5,October 2011. This was truly the dopest rap song you have ever herd. The song produced by Just Blaze reached the 23rd spot on Billboard With two of the greatest rappers Eminem and Lil Wayne showcasing their flow and speed, this song is a great song for those who have an urge to fight back bullies but are holding behind.

eminem no love

The video, which is little over 5 minutes has scenes of a boy being bullied by a bunch of older boys. This one is similar to what Eminem and Lil Wayne have faced in the past. Eminem in one of his interviews admitted that he was bullied very often in school primarily because of his color. Lil Wayne on the other hand has a better experience of being raped when he was just 11. Didn't we mention that rappers are fast at everything?

It is said that Eminem's verse disses Lil Wayne in the song No Love. There is no such line that goes against Lil Wayne but Eminem's verse stands like wall in front of Wayne's verse. Weezy Starts off slow and then pick sup a little pace. If you compare that to Shady's verse its like a race between a snail and a deer. May be that's the reason Lil Wayne fans find the verse a Little insulting.

You can watch the video here: (Worth 5 minutes)

Download No Love (feat. Lil Wayne) - Recovery (Deluxe Edition)


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