Thursday, September 1, 2011

Best Carter 4 Song

The Carter 4 album is out for sale and Lil Wayne has impressed us yet again with his lyrics in this album. Wayne has gone hard on artists like Jay-Z on his song "It's Good" with Jadakiss and Young Money rapper Drake on the track. Lil Wayne has also shown his soft side on the track "How to Love" where Weezy sings and it is also a tribute to a few women who he respects. Now not to forget th first single "6 foot 7 foot" featuring Cory Gunz which came out long ago and was produced by "A Mille" genius, Bangladesh.

So the question is which is the best? Well its hard to decide. This is what I feel should be the best song of Tha Carter 4 album and I have made a small list of the top 3 songs of Lil Wayne's Carter 4 album.

carter 4 best songs

1.How To Love.

2.6 Foot 7 Foot ft. Cory Gunz.

3.She Will ft. Drake.


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