Friday, September 2, 2011

Tha Carter 4

Lil Wayne's Fourth saga of tha Carter album is in stores and was leaked a few days before release. I have been getting a whole lot of requests from readers to write about Wayne's Tha Carter 4 album. So I am going to tell you if the Carter four album is worth buying or is it just a simply hyped up album.

the carter 4 review

Tha Carter 4 album was delayed more than once, we all know that. On asked, Lil Wayne told us that he wants to take his time and is all set to impress people. Be it ESPN or any other channel, Dwayne Carter has been promoting the album as if it was some new invention which would change the way we live. He has even dissed Jay-Z on his track  "Its Good" which was really bad.Confused? Lets get straight to the point. Lil Wayne has disappointed all his fans with the Carter 4 album. He released all the good tracks before hand and I guess that is what spoiled everything. Apart from "6 foot 7 foot" and "How To Love" no other song is worth hearing twice.

 There is also this horrible song "How To Hate" which features T-Pain. You better stay away from this song and don't say I didn't warn you. The Carter 4 deluxe edition featured an average song "Mirror" which features Bruno Mars. The chorus is worth hearing. This album wont be remembered like Tha Carter 3 album. I think the Sorry 4 The Wait Mixtape was even worth listening.

If you are thinking of buying tha Carter 4 album, go ahead do it! But I say you try downloading individual songs from I Tunes. Please leave a comment about this Carter 4 review.


randolph pereira said...

I completely agree with you,i purchased the album and i feel its not worth the money

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