Thursday, January 27, 2011

Beats by Dr. Dre Solo HD Edition Review

My friend bought these headphones for me a week ago and I just want to write this review for people who are doubting whether or not to get these. Bottom line these are the best headphones I have ever had and perfect if you listen to Hip Hop particularly Rap. The sound quality, design, and noise canceling features are way above par. I originally had the white beat headphones but for some reason I am obsessed with the color red so I had to exchange them. The only cons I have about these headphones is that when I wear these headphones for too long my ears begin to hurt. I have my cartilage pierced in both ears so that adds to the extra pressure. But that is only after about 4 hours. As you can see I love my headphones and these headphones make me just want to listen to music all day. Go for it if you want to have something so SUPER COOL and want to help some charity as a great sum of the money goes for charity. Ive also heard you can use it as a hands free device. So if you have the money and you are thinking about what headphones to get, cop these fast!

Monster Beats Solo HD (PRODUCT)RED Headphones with ControlTalk

Monster Beats Solo HD (PRODUCT)RED Headphones with ControlTalk


Monday, January 24, 2011

Pride Or Opportunity? (reply)

  This is the answer to the question of the guy from India. If you haven't read his story then go ahead and read it at this link Pride or Opportunity.

  Okay what this guy did was absolutely right. This shows not only his dedication to rap but also how he understands it. He chose Pride over Opportunity. We shouldn't forget that all a Rapper craves for is Respect, and this Respect is gained by converting opportunities. There is not a single Rapper who doesn't do it for respect and money is just a secondary aspect. In whatever things you do, never ever forget to ask yourself why you do that?? Meaning never forget the purpose of the task or its objective. Right from the time we went to school we were told that everything that happens is always happens for a reason and we are born to shine. If this guy waited back for his turn, every second that he sat back and watched would equal the damage done to his pride. And like he said "Il come back some other day to kickass!." This statement has a lot of hidden meaning in it. If you cant see that let me tell you he means "Ill leave this opportunity to catch another one, but one thing is for sure is that i will come back... " This guy has a lot of potential in his words, very few people can talk this way.

   Now why did all this happen in the first place?? Its because he had to rely on someone else. Rule one of the game is NEVER DEPEND ON ANYONE. At the end of the day its all about you. Only if he had edited the track before hand this wouldnt happen. But like I mentioned earlier everything happens for a reason. Be well prepared and think what can go wrong. Stay strong Rapiez!!

Beats by Dr. Dre Tour High-Resolution In-Ear Headphones from Monster

Friday, January 21, 2011

Pride Or Opportunity?

 There's this guy from India who follows the blog, he mailed me yesterday. He was caught up in a tight situation. Here's what the mail said...

  Ayo!! Lord Phocklin! Hi I am a follower of your blog. I make it a point to visit it atleast twice a week and I think its pretty cool! Okay lets get to the point. I want to share my story with you so that you can let me know if am right or wrong.

  I am an engineering student who is crazy about rap. Rap's life for me. There is this college festival of ours and I took part in various competitions, one of which was singing. Unfortunately there is no such competition totally dedicated to rap so I gave my name for singing. Me and my friend Sean were about to perform Drake- Forever. This was a great opportunity for us to showcase our talent, but first we had to go through the eliminations. We reached the college auditorium on time and there were so many people participating. The organizers who were seniors asked us to register ourselves once again and told us to copy the minus track on the laptop which was connected to the whole system. As it was an elimination round we had just 2mins to prove ourselves. I and Sean decided to sing the chorus together an then Sean does Drake and I do Eminem. So we asked the guy on the system to kinda like fast-forward it to 4:30 on the track when I signal him that is after Sean finishes his verse. He said its cool and we were second to perform. The track was played but we couldn't hear the beat so we asked them to turn the beat up. They said fine and the judges didn't mind as well. It stated off again and we sang the chorus together. Everything was going great . Sean started his verse and I supported him,then after a few lines am wondering why Sean was sounding off beat. But then I realized that useless wanker already forwarded it to 4:30 even though I didn't tell him to do so and he was busy chatting with his friends. I just couldn't go without the beat as you know you cant rap without the proper beat. So told one of the seniors "what the hell is going on??" he replied that times up you gotta go off stage but that guy didn't know what was wrong. Then I went off stage  and made them realize their mistake they said fine don't get angry we will give you a chance and call you back once everybody is done. I said get lost and we walked out.....I lost an opportunity! What I did was right or wrong? I told them IL come back some other day to kickass! Wont let them go so easy....

Friday, January 14, 2011

How to Diss? : Lesson 2

 Once you are through with Lesson 1 of How to Diss, simply follow the steps below:

1.Watch online battles you can find them on Young Rapper Spot. They are a good representation of what happens in a freestyle battle.

2.Listen to diss raps by artists on other artists. I reccomend you listen to Girls by Eminem. Here's the link :

3.Pay careful attention to artists and try to mirror the techniques they use in a battle. This way you will not only learn more tricks but also enhance on your own methods.

4.Write down some punchlines. There are very few Rappers who can battle with any pre-written lines and the best example is PROOF! Just incase you do not know what to write or how? check this page out : WRlTE

5.Keep practicing. Use any spare time to practice freestyle. Do not stop even when you run out of words, you need to keep the flow going. The more you practice the more stamina you have and the better will be your result. Its kinda like a mental work out.

6.Visualize your opponent. Take a picture of someone you hate or look at your dog and try to visualise that person you want to diss and you will soon come up with smart ways to take down your opponent.

7.When you diss be sure that it is true. You should not consider cooking up stories because the crowd hates liars.

8.Never mind if you lose your initial battles. Each time you are knocked down you stand up even stronger. Dont think you have lost it instead prepare for the next time.

9.Do not get nervous and never ever feel bad when its your opponents turn. Stay focused and be confidence.

10.Include as much as humor you can. Make the audience laugh that's when they like it.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

How to Diss? : Lesson 1

 Dissin or battling is the true essence of rap. Dissin, for those who dont know means insulting. The lines rapped in a battle are mostly on the spot and not pre-written or pre-meditated. The key to winning a battle is to go with the beat. If you are totally out of rhythm then you are most likely to lose. Rappers are judged on factors such as lyrics, delivery, sting and crownd response. A rap battle is no childs play, you lose a battle and you lose respect. And the best way to earn fast and hard respect is to win a battle.

  Alright, now that you know the importance of a battle lets get started. The best way to start is to diss yourself. Yes you read it right, you are the best person who can diss you. Why? because you know everything about yourself. Stand in front of the mirror and keep looking into your eyes, stare at yourself for at least two minutes, then you can start dissin yourself. You might find a dozen mouths who say don't ever try dissin yourself, well i don't agree to that. When you diss yourself in front of the mirror you would automatically know your strengths and weaknesses at a personal level. Practice makes a man perfect, so practice! practice! practice! 

Warning: When I say diss yourself it doesn't , mean you need to diss yourself in front of a crowd. Diss yourself only when you are alone and not too much else you shall start hating yourself.