Monday, January 24, 2011

Pride Or Opportunity? (reply)

  This is the answer to the question of the guy from India. If you haven't read his story then go ahead and read it at this link Pride or Opportunity.

  Okay what this guy did was absolutely right. This shows not only his dedication to rap but also how he understands it. He chose Pride over Opportunity. We shouldn't forget that all a Rapper craves for is Respect, and this Respect is gained by converting opportunities. There is not a single Rapper who doesn't do it for respect and money is just a secondary aspect. In whatever things you do, never ever forget to ask yourself why you do that?? Meaning never forget the purpose of the task or its objective. Right from the time we went to school we were told that everything that happens is always happens for a reason and we are born to shine. If this guy waited back for his turn, every second that he sat back and watched would equal the damage done to his pride. And like he said "Il come back some other day to kickass!." This statement has a lot of hidden meaning in it. If you cant see that let me tell you he means "Ill leave this opportunity to catch another one, but one thing is for sure is that i will come back... " This guy has a lot of potential in his words, very few people can talk this way.

   Now why did all this happen in the first place?? Its because he had to rely on someone else. Rule one of the game is NEVER DEPEND ON ANYONE. At the end of the day its all about you. Only if he had edited the track before hand this wouldnt happen. But like I mentioned earlier everything happens for a reason. Be well prepared and think what can go wrong. Stay strong Rapiez!!

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