Saturday, February 19, 2011

Rap Name

 A lot of young rappers end up banging their heads against the wall when they cant figure out a nice and unique Rap name or an alias. I got my name which is MC Lord Phocklin from my dad. Well...the name didnt emerge from him but he always said "Dont think your some big Lord Focklin!!."  I really dont know whats the actual spelling of that, but who cares?? I never heard of anyone else who has the same name as mine. Notice in the movie 8mile, Eminem gets his stage name B.Rabbit from his mom. If your parents never called you by any cool or unique name then just have a look at the following points,

1.First up, think about your own style. If you Rap about money, then you might come up with something like Black Benj. (Benjamin meaning money)

2.Do not even think about using names derived from programs like Rap Name generator, the primary reason being that there are going to be a hundred other people with the generated name and the fact that you use these unwanted things reflects on the fact that your not creative and that indicates your not a good rapper!

3.Keep your ears open for suggestions.

4.Think about a name that makes the crowd go WOW!! And thy modifying the spelling. For example, if you decide to keep your name 'KEVLAR' you might as well spell it as 'KEVLA'. See the difference?


rap name
1."Obie Trice real name no gimmicks". I bet you've  heard that before, Obie kept his real name as his Rap name.

2.The name EMINEM came from Em's real name initials  Marshall Mathers (M&M MNMEMINEM).

3.Lil Wayne also got his name similarly from his real name Dwayne Carter.


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