Friday, February 4, 2011

What Topic should I Rap on?

 This is one of the most obvious question that comes in ones mind when the person starts thinking about writing a Rap. The following steps will help you answer such a tricky question.

1.The first rule of writing a Rap is follow your own interests. Rap something which you would like to Rap about.

2.Think about things that others can relate to. Raps which have a sense of emotion are mostly good.

3.Pick atleast 3 to 5 topics to Rap about and then narrow it down to the best one. Remember the one you pick should have some significant amount of content and it also depends on how much you know about it. So you need to do some research.

4.Now that you have a topic, pen down your thoughts in your notebook. What youll notice is that the first line is always the toughest and that is so true. Once you write the first line then the rest of the lines will automatically come in place.

5.There is something called a writers block, meaning you just dont get enough ideas and it feels like your mind has pushed the pause button. Take a short break of 5 minutes and return back.

6.Remember to keep a check wheather or not you are going with the beat. It often happens that people think that they have some cool stuff penned down but then that thing ends up in the bin cos its simply off beat.


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