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Best Eminem songs ever - Top 10

Now we all know Eminem is a legend and he has given us some pretty awesome piece of his music over the years. However Eminem's activity with his music has slowed down a bit or should I say there are no new releases. Eminem is working round the clock to build his Shady Records label so he is a little busy and has no time to feature in songs of other artists. Previously we had his Bad Meets Evil : Hell The Sequel collaborative album with Royce da 5' 9''. That album is really dope and the flow of the lyrics was supersonic.

eminem top songs

As there is nothing new releasing lets go back in time and check out the top 10 Eminem songs. These songs in my opinion are the best ever Eminem songs. Check "Em" out.

10. The Real Slim Shady.  This track is from the Marshall Mathers LP and it is all about the evil Slim Shady. Eminem shows his insulting side where he disses artists like Britney Spears and Christina Auguilera. It gonna make you smile so listen carefully.

9. Mockingbird . The song features in Encore where Eminem was on drugs and pills. Mockingbird is my personal favorite and its just such an evergreen song. Here its Marshall Mathers and not Slim Shady or Eminem who rap it out for the world. The song revolves around the lives of Eminem's children and he tell them that he will always be there for them.

8.Sing For The Moment. From the album the Eminem show, the song tells us about the music industry and the problems Eminem Faces. People fail to see this side of Eminem and critics say that Eminem's Music is crap. May be they never deserve to understand his music and they will be convinced when he leaves this planet and that is certainly not coming soon.

7.Till I Collapse. This song is again from the Eminem Show and it features the late Nate Dogg. Till I Collapse is a perfect workout song and keeps the adrenaline pumping. Whenever you feel weak and you want to just give it all up you should consider listening to this song. The song tells us that Eminem will never give up no matter what. It brings us the strong character Eminem has deep inside him.

6.When I'm Gone. The song features in the Curtain Call album. It is totally dedicated to Hailey. A really wonderful song which depicts how Eminem balances between family and fame. One side you have Hailey telling her Dad not to leave and the other side there are fans who listen to him so religiously. Eminem finally meets up with Hailey and Kim in the end.

5.Beautiful. This should have been a part of Recovery instead of Relapse. The feeling of sadness flows throughout the song. Just don't let them say ain't beautiful. The song is shot in Detroit the hometown of many Gansta Rappers. It shows us the people of Detroit and the innocence they possess. Whenever I feel sad, this is the song I listen at lest 5 times in a row. You just cant get enough of this.

4.Love The Way You Lie. This love song featuring Rihanna is a part of Eminem's Recovery album. It describes the life of a young couple and exactly what happens when things are not going well for the. Rihanna's magical voice steps this song even further. People went crazy when the video came out with the sexy Megan Fox. One of the best love songs Eminem has given us.

3.Not Afraid. This was the first single of Eminem's Recovery album. Eminem tells us how he the last two albums that is Relapse and Encore were not upto the mark and that he has come back with a bang. The song is dedicated to his fans saying he has become stronger and has fought all his demons he has had in the past. Well one thing I disagree is that Encore was not that good. It has a lot of nice songs like toy soldiers which would feature on a top 20 list. This song can pull anyone out of their misery and has a huge force in it.

2.Lose Yourself. When Eminem was not doing well with his music, this song turned out to be the savior for him and brought Marshall back to the number 1 spot. The 8 Mile soundtrack blasted all the top charts in the US and UK. It stresses on the saying "This opportunity comes once in a life time" and "You only get one shot." This again is a good workout song. It is also very aggressive and Eminem wants to just rip the stage apart.

1.Stan. This song from the Marshall Mathers LP has been tagged the best song ever. No song even comes close to it. I can think of a lot of people who cried listening to this song which is highly narrative. Eminem narrates a letter written by his biggest fan Stan and the urges his fans not to do any crazy things and that he doesn't mean everything what he says. Stan shows us how lyrical Eminem gets with his music and the magic he can do with his pen. Many artists like Royce Da 5'9'' admit that Stan is the best song ever made. You can also check out Dear Anne by Lil Wayne which is also called Stan Part 2.

Alright I hope this Best Eminem songs - top 10 list was convincing and I know there's are a lot of good Eminem songs. I have taken into consideration the fan following of these songs and made this list. You can leave a comment and tell us which song you like the best.


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