Friday, June 24, 2011

Eminem - Space Bound (Official Music Video) 2011

Finally the Space bound video is out with porn star Sasha Grey. The videos was filmed in Los Angeles and is directed by Joseph Kahn. The video starts with Eminem walking down a foggy road late in the night with his hands in his pockets until a car driving by picks him up. Sasha Grey drives the car and Eminem jumps into the front passenger seat. Another Eminem which looks like a different side of him sits in the back seat and has a more angry look on his face unlike the Shady in the front whose has a very calm look.The shady at the back is hurling abuses at Grey while she is unaware of it.

 Sasha Grey steps out of the car and Eminem follows her to a diner. As they enter the diner the screen splits and there are two Shadys again. One sits at the Counter while the other sits with Grey. The leading lady starts texting and smiling while Eminem grows suspicious. She gets ups and walks towards the washroom while Eminem sees a gun hanging in her back pocket. He grabs her purse and starts checking her phone while she is  not around and quickly slips it in when she returns. Eminem realizes she is cheating on him and they then enter a motel.

 As soon as they enter the room the Detroit rapper grabs Sasha by the throat and then he realizes she isn't really there. She disappears in thin air. Eminem finds himself all alone and shoots himself while the other Eminem who is still at the counter experiences the bullet as well. The depiction and the effects used when Eminem is shot is pretty good. Then there comes a quick replay of the whole video.

 The video was pretty confusing and the real motive behind it is not explained properly. What do you think? Please leave your comments.


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