Thursday, June 23, 2011

Story Behind Dear Anne- Lil Wayne

Dear Anne

 Recently there was a song by Lil Wayne that got leaked. Dear Anne is said to be Stan part 2 as in the song Lil Wayne is writing a letter to one of his fans named Anne, which has a very similar concept like the original Stan by Eminem. Dear Anne at first featured in the Track-list of Wayne's upcoming and most awaited album Tha Carter IV before the song was leaked. Some Rap pundits say that it will no longer be a part of Tha Carter 4 album which is scheduled to release on 29 August 2011. Although I feel the song has a very nice feeling much similar to that of Stan part 1. It truly deserves to be on the album.

 Originally this song that is Dear Anne which is the sequel to Stan was brought to Eminem by Swiss Beats. Eminem refused to do the song as he felt the first part of Stan could not be matched in any case. Well, it was a valid reason given by Eminem as Stan was a legendary song and we do not hear such different songs that make you want to cry these days. Dear Anne aint that far either, it describes Lil Wayne's life and how he goes through stuff. The corus is that of a young girl and her voice comes straight from heaven, like an angel singing.

 So the bottom line is that this song "Dear Anne" should have featured on Tha Carter 4 tracklist. You can download this song here: Dear Anne Download


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