Saturday, December 4, 2010

Chose your Rapper!

It is very important to chose a rapper who suits you the best. If you are a fun loving person and never serious you might chose someone like LIL WAYNE. If you are a versatile person who can go to extreme levels of both stupidity and maturity then you might as well go with EMINEM. One can feel free to listen to other rappers as well. The reason why this is important is because once you chose someone as your role model you develop a personality similar to theirs. Any rapper who makes you feel good can be your idol. Once you chosen your rapper you might as well want to know who he is? or where he is from? and how he became a rapper? One can easily google that out so that's your homework. The very next step after that is to memorize a song of that particular rapper you have selected. It might look difficult at first but not impossible. DO NOT READ THE LYRICS  of the song your memorizing. Never mind if you use any substitute word if you don't get what the rapper is trying to say. Once you learn the song now you can read the lyrics and you will then know how efficient you are. At least learn five of them. Show it off in front of people at home. IL tell you what to do next!


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