Friday, December 17, 2010

Rapper STYLE

To be a rapper you first have to look like one. Style plays an important role in developing a strong personality.
 If your friends make fun of you then its time you get some stuff for yourself.

rapper style1. Wear a hat or a skull cap. Chose the right one as its the most important of all. Important because it comes very close to your face, so when you spit fire people will be noticing that first. You can even try a bandanna but you better wear it properly and effectively so that it doesn't slip off.

2.Get some bling on you. Bling is another word of hip-hop. Mettallic chains and rings and if possible a cap on your teeth which is also called 'grill'. Covering up your whole teeth-line could be expensive so i recommend so cover up only two teeth with your initials on it. That is probably the most coolest thing you culd do.

3.Put on some bizzare or stand out kinda sunglasses. Go ahead and ask for stunner shades.

4.Wear a col t-shirt like a basketball jersey i prefer wearing black. If thats not affordable then you could always stick to a hoodie.

5.Hop into some appropriate shoes and boots which are more hip hop. Wear some good brands like Reebok, NIKE or adidas because brand is what people notice the most.

6.Do not be afraid to EXPERIMENT. In the end it all comes out to gaining a unique identity and how people recognize you. BE YOURSELF!


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