Monday, December 6, 2010


 Start simple like I mentioned earlier. Complexity or complex rhymes as the name suggests are difficult. You are bound to make mistakes if your a newbie. Keep that flow, Dont stop no matter what. If you make a mistake never mind, but the flow must go on. At some points your lines may not rhyme or they could mean nothing and even stupid. The other day while I was listening to my friend who follows my blog ended up dissin himself.

"The other day i seen ma house on on your map,

thanks Mc Loaf for teaching me how to rap,

you helped me out

while ma chick gave me a slap,

I follow your blog, it says Learn2RAP!"

Well that was quite okay for a newbie! Even I used to say crap a couple of years before. And yea "YOU EARN MORE RESPECT WHEN YOU COME FROM DIRT."
Ive learnt that from my personal experiences.
Stay strong!


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