Sunday, December 5, 2010

Spit Simple First!!

Once your done with memorizing a song you will now understand how the flow goes. Like any other art form Rap also needs practice. You need to start right from square one that is start from simple rhymes. Initially they might sound like nursery rhymes but dont worry! The more often you rhyme the better you get.Here is a very useful tip, whenever you start rhyming think about the last word first and then link up the two lines. For example, i think about the word "story" n then i think of a sentence like:

"This is da process of me dissin you 2 glory

its kinda freestyle, aint no story"

The above was a very basic and simple rhyme. As we advance you shall also learn complex ones!!
All you need o do is practice practice practice All Day!!  
No matter what...never give up! Cos rappers don't!


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