Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year *2011*

  Leave behind the bloopers and the dark shadow of  the enemies lurking around the hood of 2010 because this is 2011. Its time to get better and climb up the ladder and leave your haters behind to rot. Every year you don't just grow older, you also increase your experience levels. The more *hit  a rapper goes through, the sharper his pen gets. Always ready for vengeance, a rapper kills his enemy twice in a single life. So this New Year we will get better! We shall kick ass!

  This is what a Rapper's New Years resolution cum to-do list should look like:

1. Rap today itself this day should look like an opportunity to you. A rapper never let goes any chance.

2.Make a rap notebook and fill it with lyrics or ideas.

3.Dedicate at least 20mins a day to rap.

4.Make a list of your enemies you would like to diss.

5.Earn twice as much as respect you have earned in 2010.

6.Participate in at least 10 rap battles this year.

7.Get buffed up that means get physically stronger.

8.Relate your emotions to Rap.

9.Quit intoxicants.

10.Above all ...FIND YOURSELF.


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