Wednesday, December 8, 2010


 Once you have practiced a little freestyle you might just wanna make some punchlines. When you write rhymes on paper it is more likely that the rhymes would be good. It is all because you would have more time to think and and you can take your own sweet time to improvise it. But i recomend you do not use these pre-written rhymes when not in use or when the stage is not that large, because you can spit a single rhyme only once.

  Pen down freestyle everyday. Dedicate atleast 15mins in a day. This should be included i your routine just like you have a specific time to brush your teeth or to go to work. Eachday you write, the better you get. Yo will emerge as a serious and deadly Rapper. These rhymes are very useful in case of emergency. At times your mind might just stop thinking of a new rhyme and all you'll remember at that point are these emergency rhymes.

" Oh i forgot ma words, (freestyle)

I think i heard em sayin stop   (written)

ma appendix hurts,

and if i don stop they might just burst"

  Once i ended with the above rap in the semis. Its really important to know how to start cos that makes an impression of yourself on the crowd. And yea I won that battle!
  If your Proof then go ahead do not think about pre-written rhymes., but the truth is that you aint Proof! So hop on a piece of paper and hold the pencil like a sword!


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