Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year *2011*

  Leave behind the bloopers and the dark shadow of  the enemies lurking around the hood of 2010 because this is 2011. Its time to get better and climb up the ladder and leave your haters behind to rot. Every year you don't just grow older, you also increase your experience levels. The more *hit  a rapper goes through, the sharper his pen gets. Always ready for vengeance, a rapper kills his enemy twice in a single life. So this New Year we will get better! We shall kick ass!

  This is what a Rapper's New Years resolution cum to-do list should look like:

1. Rap today itself this day should look like an opportunity to you. A rapper never let goes any chance.

2.Make a rap notebook and fill it with lyrics or ideas.

3.Dedicate at least 20mins a day to rap.

4.Make a list of your enemies you would like to diss.

5.Earn twice as much as respect you have earned in 2010.

6.Participate in at least 10 rap battles this year.

7.Get buffed up that means get physically stronger.

8.Relate your emotions to Rap.

9.Quit intoxicants.

10.Above all ...FIND YOURSELF.

Dr. Dre - Kush ft. Snoop Dogg, Akon

Friday, December 17, 2010

Rapper STYLE

To be a rapper you first have to look like one. Style plays an important role in developing a strong personality.
 If your friends make fun of you then its time you get some stuff for yourself.

rapper style1. Wear a hat or a skull cap. Chose the right one as its the most important of all. Important because it comes very close to your face, so when you spit fire people will be noticing that first. You can even try a bandanna but you better wear it properly and effectively so that it doesn't slip off.

2.Get some bling on you. Bling is another word of hip-hop. Mettallic chains and rings and if possible a cap on your teeth which is also called 'grill'. Covering up your whole teeth-line could be expensive so i recommend so cover up only two teeth with your initials on it. That is probably the most coolest thing you culd do.

3.Put on some bizzare or stand out kinda sunglasses. Go ahead and ask for stunner shades.

4.Wear a col t-shirt like a basketball jersey i prefer wearing black. If thats not affordable then you could always stick to a hoodie.

5.Hop into some appropriate shoes and boots which are more hip hop. Wear some good brands like Reebok, NIKE or adidas because brand is what people notice the most.

6.Do not be afraid to EXPERIMENT. In the end it all comes out to gaining a unique identity and how people recognize you. BE YOURSELF!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


 Once you have practiced a little freestyle you might just wanna make some punchlines. When you write rhymes on paper it is more likely that the rhymes would be good. It is all because you would have more time to think and and you can take your own sweet time to improvise it. But i recomend you do not use these pre-written rhymes when not in use or when the stage is not that large, because you can spit a single rhyme only once.

  Pen down freestyle everyday. Dedicate atleast 15mins in a day. This should be included i your routine just like you have a specific time to brush your teeth or to go to work. Eachday you write, the better you get. Yo will emerge as a serious and deadly Rapper. These rhymes are very useful in case of emergency. At times your mind might just stop thinking of a new rhyme and all you'll remember at that point are these emergency rhymes.

" Oh i forgot ma words, (freestyle)

I think i heard em sayin stop   (written)

ma appendix hurts,

and if i don stop they might just burst"

  Once i ended with the above rap in the semis. Its really important to know how to start cos that makes an impression of yourself on the crowd. And yea I won that battle!
  If your Proof then go ahead do not think about pre-written rhymes., but the truth is that you aint Proof! So hop on a piece of paper and hold the pencil like a sword!

Monday, December 6, 2010


 Start simple like I mentioned earlier. Complexity or complex rhymes as the name suggests are difficult. You are bound to make mistakes if your a newbie. Keep that flow, Dont stop no matter what. If you make a mistake never mind, but the flow must go on. At some points your lines may not rhyme or they could mean nothing and even stupid. The other day while I was listening to my friend who follows my blog ended up dissin himself.

"The other day i seen ma house on on your map,

thanks Mc Loaf for teaching me how to rap,

you helped me out

while ma chick gave me a slap,

I follow your blog, it says Learn2RAP!"

Well that was quite okay for a newbie! Even I used to say crap a couple of years before. And yea "YOU EARN MORE RESPECT WHEN YOU COME FROM DIRT."
Ive learnt that from my personal experiences.
Stay strong!

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Record Of The Year


Album Of The Year


Song Of The Year


Best Rap Solo Performance


Best Rap/Sung Collaboration


Best Rap Song



Best Rap Album


Best Short Form Music Video


Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals


Wow!! Slim is sure to beat Kanye's record of  11 grammy's for a rapper!!

Spit Simple First!!

Once your done with memorizing a song you will now understand how the flow goes. Like any other art form Rap also needs practice. You need to start right from square one that is start from simple rhymes. Initially they might sound like nursery rhymes but dont worry! The more often you rhyme the better you get.Here is a very useful tip, whenever you start rhyming think about the last word first and then link up the two lines. For example, i think about the word "story" n then i think of a sentence like:

"This is da process of me dissin you 2 glory

its kinda freestyle, aint no story"

The above was a very basic and simple rhyme. As we advance you shall also learn complex ones!!
All you need o do is practice practice practice All Day!!  
No matter what...never give up! Cos rappers don't!

Need Help??

 Anyone who needs help can feel free to comment on this post. Whether its a Rap battle ahead or you need to record a mixtape...I shall reply to all your queries!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Chose your Rapper!

It is very important to chose a rapper who suits you the best. If you are a fun loving person and never serious you might chose someone like LIL WAYNE. If you are a versatile person who can go to extreme levels of both stupidity and maturity then you might as well go with EMINEM. One can feel free to listen to other rappers as well. The reason why this is important is because once you chose someone as your role model you develop a personality similar to theirs. Any rapper who makes you feel good can be your idol. Once you chosen your rapper you might as well want to know who he is? or where he is from? and how he became a rapper? One can easily google that out so that's your homework. The very next step after that is to memorize a song of that particular rapper you have selected. It might look difficult at first but not impossible. DO NOT READ THE LYRICS  of the song your memorizing. Never mind if you use any substitute word if you don't get what the rapper is trying to say. Once you learn the song now you can read the lyrics and you will then know how efficient you are. At least learn five of them. Show it off in front of people at home. IL tell you what to do next!

why RAP?

Today music plays an important part in one's life. There are dozens of genres than evolve out of music.

What i personally feel is that other genres make you feel good but they don't mean anything or they are less meaningful. For example if a pop singer says that he/she is in love, a rapper would give us the reason why he is in love and what he feels when in love all that in the same fraction of time.In short a rapper can express a lot more than any one else. Whenever i felt low or at the times when i was in joy all i did was that i cherished every single verse of a rap song and i related it to my life. YEAH! Today Rap is my life!!
So if want to be a rapper then rap and not blood should flow through your veins!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hey all you young rappers!!

This site will be on its full threshold from the 6th of jan!
SO note down the name if you want some fame!!